Induction Combi Boiler

provide a comfortable heating and hot water solution.


Induction combi hot water heating boiler

This Induction Heating Boiler provide a complete heating and hot water solution.

Offers the comfort and convenience of Central Heating / Under Floor Heating / Radiator, as well as hot water for domestic, hotel, school…

The combi heating boiler used the most advanced induction heating method in the world today, no flue required, 100% efficient, Economic running costs.

● No fumes and no risk of explosion

● Safety: water and electricity separate.

● New design heating element, 100% efficient.

● Reliable for 15 years lifespan.

● 24 hour controllability, LED indicators, Touch keys operation.

● Provide a complete heating and hot water solution.

      The induction comi boiler offers the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and domestic hot water, it may be the ideal solution for heating your home if the option of gas is unavailale where you live. or you want the benefits of having an electric powered heating system, such as a quiet boiler and more installation flexibility.


Induction Combi Boiler
For room heating as well as comfortable hot water for shower

● New design     ●  Safety and stable     ●  Efficient 

What is an Electric Combi Boiler?
      Our induction combi boiler built in the new design magnetic induction heating coil with water tube (which is electric convert to heat efficient up to 98%, and heat using rate 100%), water pump, expansion tank, system pressure gauge, LED display and touch keys etc.
      And induction combi boiler can be installed in most small to medium sized homes, to produce the hot water for both your heating and domestic used. While the most commonly installed boiler will used gas or oil to heat the water, and electric boiler will pass the water via an electric elecment.
      They are popular alternative for homes where gas is not an option and oil is impractical or too expensive. electric combi boilers are a popular choice for households where gas is not available. They are an efficient choice for heating up your home and providing hot water, a great benefit of having and induction combi boiler to heat your home is that it doesn’t release any gases into the atmosphere and is small and compact enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard.
      The technology behind induction combi boilers has developed into a competitive and advanced industry, due to quiet the boilers are and how they are typically easier to maintain and install than gas boilers.

Induction combi boiler features:

● Closed design, easy to install

● Economic and environmental protection

● Automatic antifreeze function

● Water and electricity isolation

● Automatic exhaust, pressure relief

● No annual safety certificate required

● LED indicators show status of operation, multiple fail-safes protection.

Multiple Models for Chosen

AC220V 10kW. AC380V 10kW/12kW/15KW/18KW


Induction Combi Boiler Structure

1. Power input cable

2. Induction heater control board

3. Heat-sink with fan

4. Water pipe with induction heating coil

5. Three connect motor

6. Heating exchanger for shower hot water

7. Circularing water pump

8. Expansion water tank

9. System fan

10. Heating water outlet(DN20)

11. Shower hot water outlet(DN15)

12. Pressurere lief outlet

13. Fresh water inlet(DN15)

14. Water pump discharge outlet

15. Heating return water inlet(DN20)

16. Water path make up valve

17. Blowdown outlet(DN25)


Induction Combi Boiler Main Components

High quality parts for long life span


Control Board

Induction heater controller board used brand elctrinic parts, safety, stability and reliability


Induction Heating Coil

The electricmagnetic induction heating coil is quickly heating up the water pipe.

Expansion Tank

The expansion tank is an important part of the heating system, expansion of water.


Integrated water separator


Grundfos Shielder Water Pump


Water pressure meter

Electric Combi Boiler Installation


Induction heating combi boiler install diagram


Combi boiler for heating and hot water install diagram


Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Heating Area Dimensions/Weight
CNL-10S AC220V/380V 10KW 80-120m2 450x350x750mm / 39kg
CNL-12S AC380V 12KW 100-150m2 450x350x750mm / 39kg
CNL-15S AC380V 15KW 120-200m2 450x350x750mm / 45kg
CNL-18S AC380V 18KW 180-260m2 450x350x750mm / 45kg

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