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Electric Hot Water Boiler


This Electric Heating Boiler provide a complete heating and hot water solution.

Offers the comfort and convenience of Central Heating / Under Floor Heating / Radiator, as well as hot water for domestic, hotel, school…

The electric heating boiler used the most advanced induction heating method in the world today, no flue required, 100% efficient, Economic running costs.

Electric Heating Boiler

For under floor heating, radiator, central  heating and hot water

Features of Electric Heating Boiler

  • No flue required.
  • Safety: water and electricity separate.

  • Reliable: 12 month warranty, 15 years lifespan.
  • Quickly heating, 24 hour controllability, LED indicators show status of operation.

Multiple Models for Chosen

AC220V 6kW-12kW. AC380V 12kW-200kW

Components of Induction Boiler

High quality parts for long life span

Heater Card

Used Microchip, ST, NEC brand elctrinic parts, safety, stability and reliability

Induction Heat Unit

Isolated water and electric,Heating efficiency 97%, designed for 15 years life span

Expansion Tank

The expansion tank is an important part of the heating system, expansion of water.

Integrated water separator

Inside water pump

Water pressure meter

Heating & shower

This boiler available undeterfoolr / radiator heating and domestic hot water


Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Pipes Diameter Water Temp Installation
NJL101-6KC  180V~260V 6KW 26mm(1.5L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Wall mount
NJL101-8KC 180V~260V 8KW 26mm(2L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Wall mount
NXB103-8KC  180V~260V 8KW 26mm(2L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Wall mount
NXB103-12KC 180V~260V 12KW 26mm(3L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Wall mount
NXB103-16KC 350~380V 16KW 26mm(4L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Wall mount
NDL101-25KC  350V~430V 25KW 32mm(6L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Up right
NDL101-32KC 350V~430V 32KW 32mm(8L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Up right
NDL111-65KC 350V~430V 65KW 42mm(16L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Up right
NDL111-100KC 350V~430V 100KW 42mm(25L/minute hot water) 30℃~85℃ Up right

Electric Heating Boiler Installation

Hot Water Boiler with Tank install

Under Floor Heating install

Radiator Heating install

Central Heating System install

Central heating & Domestic hot water

Induction heating boiler applactions

Winter heating, Domestic hot water, Apply to house, office, hotel, school, factory…

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