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Induction Heater Card


Induction heater card for high frequency induction heating, usually referred to as control board. It is the control circuit of induction heater.

With resonant capacitor, filter capacitor, inductance, IGBT module, induction coil and other components  sets of an induction heating system.

The induction heater card support soft start, PID, 40-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, adjustable power.

The induction heater card can be used for heating boiler, hot water boiler, Hot blast stove, plastic injection machine, Wire drawing machine, Extrusion machine, Raw material processing equipment, heating the barrel, flange, die head, screw and other parts of the machine with the advantage of 30%~80% energy saving rate.

Induction Heater Card

Widely used in plastics, chemical industry, medicine, food, energy, printing, building profile heating.

Multiple Models for Chosen


Features of Induction Heater Card

  • Full bridge and half bridge circuit optional.
  • Digital Signal Processing and Program set.

  • Reliable: Low failure rate and good quality, 12 month warranty, 10 years lifespan.
  • With control panel, Power/fault/work indicator interface,  temperature sensor interface, soft start interface etc.

Induction Heater Card Specs

Model No. Dimensions Voltage Efficiency Cooling Circuit Block
1-5KW 220*95mm 220V±20% >98% Fan cooling Half bridge
8-25KW 220*125mm 380V±20% >98% Fan cooling Half bridge

constant current

30-150KW 220*75mm 380V±20% >98% Water cooling Full bridge

constant current

Induction Heater Card Applications


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