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Electromagnetic Induction Heater

Industrial Heating, Energy Saving And Durable

The Electromagnetic Induction Heater usually referred as Induction Heating Power Supply. Widely Used In The Plastics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Printing, Construction, HVAC, Heat Treatment, Smelting And Other Industries Energy Saving.


● Induction heating is the most clean, efficient, cost-effective, precise material heating available to the industry.

● Used top brand parts, such as Germany Infineon IGBT module.

● High Energy saving effect: compare with electric heating rod energy save 30%~70%.

● Safety: no open fire, can be touch, Suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment, Especially safety for Chemical and Crude Oil Industries heating.

● Reliable: Low failure rate and good quality, 24 month warranty, 10 years lifespan.

● Quickly heating, Automatic control, Increase production output

Advantages Induction Heater

Energy saving and environment-friendly

What Can It Do?

Meet the heating needs of all walks of life.

Electromagnetic heating


Heat Conduction Oil


Plastic Industry


Electromagnetic Induction Heater

Circuit Board


Infineon module, safety and stability


Heater card designed by ourself


Air cooling circuit board


Water cooling circuit board


Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Efficiency Cooling Circuit Block
RZ-FB-1K220D 220V±20% 1KW±10% >98% Fan cooling Full bridge
RZ-HB-2K220A 220V±20% 2KW±10% >98% Fan cooling Half bridge
RZ-HB-3K220A 220V±20% 3KW±10% >98% Fan cooling Half bridge
RZ-FB-5K220D 220V±20% 5KW±10% >98% Fan cooling Full bridge
RZ-HB-8K380D 380V±20% 8KW±10% >98% Water cooling Half bridge
RZ-HB-10K380D 380V±20% 10KW±10% >98% Water cooling Half bridge
RZ-FB-12K380D 380V±20% 12KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-HB-15K380D 380V±20% 15KW±10% >98% Water cooling Half bridge
RZ-HB-20K380D 380V±20% 20KW±10% >98% Water cooling Half bridge
RZ-HB-25K380D 380V±20% 25KW±10% >98% Water cooling Half bridge
RZ-FB-30K380D 380V±20% 30KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-FB-50K380D 380V±20% 50KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-FB-60K380D 380V±20% 60KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-FB-80K380D 380V±20% 80KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-FB-100K380D 380V±20% 100KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-FB-120K380D 380V±20% 120KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge
RZ-FB-150K380D 380V±20% 150KW±10% >98% Water cooling Full bridge

Induction Heating Power Supply Applications

The Principle Of Electromagnetic Heating

The principle of electromagnetic heating is to produce an alternating magnetic field through the components of an electronic circuit board. When placed in an iron containing container, the surface of the container cuts the alternating magnetic force line and produces alternating current (i.e. eddy current) at the bottom of the container. The eddy makes the carrier at the bottom of the container at high speed and irregularly motion, carrier and atom. The heat is produced by collision and friction. So that the effect of heating items. Because the iron container is self heating, the thermal conversion rate is particularly high, up to 95%, which is a direct heating method. At present, electromagnetic cookers, electromagnetic cookers and electromagnetic heating rice cookers are all used in electromagnetic heating technology.


Schematic diagram of electromagnetic heating

Winding Method Of Coil

In most cases, the winding method is shown in the following figure. Wrap the 15-20mm thick insulation cotton before winding, and leave the 10-20cm interval for each section and then go around the next section. The temperature probe of the thermostat can be fixed in the interval. When a plurality of induction heaters are connected in parallel, the coil spacing must be 20cm or more. If thicker insulation is needed, please consult our company’s technical personnel.


Winding of coils

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