Induction Power Generator


The Induction Power Generator usually referred as Induction Heating Power Supply or Induction Invertor. Widely used for metal hardening, annealing, welding, forging, melting, brazing, pre-heating etc. It offfers precise, efficient, fast heating method.


● Fast heating     ●  Efficient     ●  Precise    

      With the coming age of highly engineered materials, alternative energies and the need for empowering developing countries, the unique capabilities of induction offer engineers and designers of the future a fast, efficient, and precise method of heating.

      As the technology of choice for rqpid, clean heating that is repeatable, accurate, and efficient, induction technology has established itself firmly in the future of manufacturing as a cornerstone of the industry.

Induction power inverter

      Induction power inverter is the device of convert AC220V / 380V 50/60Hz to DC, then through core technology control(heater card, IGBT, resonant capacitor etc components)covert DC to high frequency AC current.

      When the high frequency current connected to a conduct that is curled to cyclic(usually referred to as heating coil, normally copper tube) to generated magnetic field around the coil.

      When placed the metal object to this magnetic field, the flux run through it to generated eddy current in the metal object, so that the metal object is heated itself rapidly.

Application for industry

● Induction quenching / hardening

● Induction welding / soldering

● Induction smelting

● Induction annealing / normalizing

● Induction forging

● Shrink fitting

● Induction brazing

● Gear / Shaft quenching industry

● Plumbing sanitary ware industries

Internal structure

Multiple Models for Chosen

Frequency 1-10kHz / 20-50kHz / 30-80kHz / 50-400kHz



The purpose of induction power generator may be to harden a part to prevent wear; make the metal plastic for forging or hot-forming into a desired shape; braze or solder two parts together; melt and mix the ingredients which go into the high-temperature alloys; or for many number of other heating applications.



Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Frequency Weight Dimensions
RZG-15A 220V±20% 15KW 30-80kHz 25kg 535*245*550mm
RZG-25A 380V±20% 25KW 30-80kHz 30kg 535*245*550mm
RZG-30AB 380V±20% 30KW 30-80kHz 35kg / 25kg 595*275*580mm / 485*275*440mm
RZG-40AB 380V±20% 40KW 30-80kHz 35kg / 25kg 595*275*580mm / 485*275*450mm
RZG-60AB 380V±20% 60KW 30-80kHz 37kg / 36kg 650*320*590mm / 485*275*450mm
RZG-80AB 380V±20% 80KW 60-80kHz 54kg / 47kg 745*345*600mm / 790*425*580mm
RZM-15AB 380V±20% 15KW 2-20kHz 38kg / 33kg 550*280*540mm / 580*240*520mm
RZM-25AB 380V±20% 25KW 2-20kHz 38kg / 33kg 550*280*540mm / 580*240*520mm
RZM-35AB 380V±20% 35KW 2-20kHz 38kg / 33kg 660*330*580mm / 580*240*520mm
RZM-45AB 380V±20% 45KW 2-20kHz 54kg / 43kg 660*330*580mm / 580*240*520mm
RZM-70AB 380V±20% 70KW 2-20kHz 80kg / 60kg 430*350*630mm / 580*240*520mm
RZM-110AB 380V±20% 110KW 2-20kHz 100kg / 65kg 800*420*880mm / 580*400*530mm
RZM-160AB 380V±20% 160KW 2-20kHz 120kg / 75kg 820*420*880mm / 580*400*530mm
RZM-200AB 380V±20% 200KW 2-20kHz 200kg / 100kg 780*500*880mm / 580*400*530mm
RZC-3 220V±20% 3KW 200-500kHz 20kg 285*287*146mm
RZC-6 220V±20% 6KW 200-500kHz 23kg 632*260*550mm
RZC-10 380V±20% 10KW 200-500kHz 30kg 630*260*550mm
RZC-20 380V±20% 20KW 200-500kHz 30kg 630*260*550mm
RZC-30AB 380V±20% 30KW 200-500kHz 35kg / 25kg 630*280*535mm / 500*260*450mm
RZC-60AB 380V±20% 60KW 200-500kHz 50kg / 27kg 750*400*880mm / 500*300*480mm

Induction Coil

In the use of the inductoin heating process, success depends to a great degree on proper design of the induction coil.

Induction coil for high frequency induction heating, usually referred to as inductors. normally made by copper tube curled to cyclic.

Inductors vary considerably not only in shape and form but also in size and are usually designed for specific applications or for a family of similar applications.

The inductor designs must follow certain principles of maximum efficiency of heating.

Inductor Types:

Solenoid Coil


Pancake Coil


Channel Coil

Application case


Induction soldering


Shrink fitting


Heat treating

Induction melting


Induction wire annealing



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