Induction Heating Boiler

Magnetic heater & induction coil


Magnetic Induction Heating Boiler
Magnetic heater & induction coil

The best induction heating boiler.

Magnetic induction heating boilers are popular choice for hoseholds where gas is not available.

They are an efficient choice for heating up your home, a great benefit of having an induction boiler to heat your home is that it doesn’t release any gases into the atmosphere.

The technology behind induction boilers has developed into a competitive and advanced industry, due to how quiet the boilers are and how they are typically easier to maintain and install than gas boilers.

Characteristic of the Magnetic Induction Boiler

● Fast preheating     ●  Safety and stable     ●  Efficient 

What is Induction Boiler?
      An Induction Boiler is nothing but an electric boiler that converts electricity into heat energy with one major difference. There are no resistance heaters in the induction boiler, heating of the medium occurs as a result of the conversion of electrical energy into eddy currents and the generation of an electromagnetic field in the primary winding. The coolant (water) located in the pipe inside the coil is subjected to strong heating, and the circulation process ensures its passage to the heating system, thus eliminating the possibility of overheating. The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction that was used in the device makes the boiler heats the water very quickly, it is characterized by high efficiency reaching 99% and much lower electricity consumption compared to traditional heating devices, up to 30%.

Induction Heating Boiler Benefits:

● No flue required

● No fumes and no risk of explosion

● 100% efficient, fast heating

● Economic running costs

● Separate water with electric

● Littel heat is lost in the process of heating the water

     The lack of mechanical parts and complicated electronics determine the low failure rate and longevity of induction boilers (the manufacturer specified their service life as 25 years). In heating systems powered by an induction boiler, the phenomenon of electromagnetic water treatment takes place, which prevents the limescale from sticking inside pipes, valves, pumps and other devices of the central heating system. This effect affects not only the operation of the boiler itself, but also determines the greater efficiency and durability of the entire heating system.

Induction boilers belong to the first class of fire and electric safety. They only need electricity to work, so there is no risk of poisoning by exhaust gases or gas. The comfortable induction boiler does not have high-temperature connections, so there is no risk of fire either. Correct connection guarantees that the device is completely safe in every respect.

Internal structure


Multiple Models for Chosen

Wall mounted AC220V 5-10KW or AC380V 8-15KW / Upright AC380V 20-30KW

220V/380V 6-15KW without pump

220V/380V 6-15KW inside pump


AC380V 20-30KW without pump

Product components


Magnetic induction heater


Electromagnetic induction coil


Temperature dector & insulation cotton


Inside pump and expansion tank


Water pump socket


Diplay screen and touch operation



Direct connetion diagram


Thermal storage installation


Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Heating Area Dimensions/Weight
RZ-CNL-6 AC220V 6KW 40-80m2 620*350*145mm / 13kg
RZ-CNL-8 AC220V/380V 8KW 60-100m2 620*350*145mm / 13kg
RZ-CNL-10 AC220V/380V 10KW 80-120m2 620*350*145mm / 14kg
RZ-CNL-12 AC380V 12KW 100-150m2 620*350*145mm / 14kg
RZ-CNL-15 AC380V 15KW 120-200m2 620*350*145mm / 15kg
RZ-CNL-20 AC380V 20KW 180-260m2 750*450*950mm / 45kg
RZ-CNL-25 AC380V 25KW 220-300m2 750*450*950mm / 45kg
RZ-CNL-30 AC380V 30KW 250-360m2 750*450*950mm / 50kg

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