Induction Steam Boiler


Electric Induction Steam Generator

Steam boiler, sometimes called steam generator. This steam boiler used newest technology of magnetic induction heater with induction heating coil. widly used in in textile, printing and dyeing industry, hotel, sauna bath, medical treatment, disinfection, wine making, food, clothing, laundry, breeding, and other industries.

● Induction heating is the most clean, efficient, cost-effective, precise material heating available to the industry.

● The Steam Boiler used of magnetic induction heating technology ensure does not produce soot and dust, and does not produce tar, which is very important for environmental protection. to meed the national standards.

● Fast heating and high thermal efficiency, almost instant steam, 1-2 minute heating time while boiler output steam.

● High Energy saving effect: compare with electric heating rod energy save 30%~70%.

● Safety: no open fire, no explosions, creacks or leaks.

● Intelligent control system, Automatic control, LCD touch display very convenient to control the temperature and pressure. No special personnel monitoring is required.

Features of the Steam Boiler

●   Efficient     ●  Clean     ●  Save cost

Electromagnetic Induction Heating Water Boiling Steam Generator.

● Top technology
This electric magnetic induction steam boiler is new type equipment, it has the characheristics of flexible installation and high efficiency. People would feel frightened when they talked about electrical boiler before. They afraid of electric leakage and even worried the potential safety problem existed. Daobright steam boiler can completely eliminate your doubts because of used induction heating technology, fully insulated heating structure, the water is separately from the heating element. so there is no danger of electric shock.

● single-phase (230 V) or three-phase (400 V) power supply;

● allow saving up to 30% of the electricity used compared to an ordinary electric heater (with electric resistance or electrodes);

● water heating is much faster, the thermal efficiency being over 99%;

● This induction steam boiler does not consume oxygen from the inside, is not harmful during work and has no influence on the environment.


Induction Steam Boiler Structure


Induction Steam Boiler Installations



Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Presure Capacity Steam Tempreature
RZ-ZQL-8K220 220V±20% 8KW 0.5~7bar 11kg/H 170℃
RZ-ZQL-10K220 220V±20% 10KW 0.5~7bar 14kg/H 170℃
RZ-ZQL-20K380 380V±20% 20KW 0.5~7bar 28kg/H 170℃
RZ-ZQL-30K380 380V±20% 30KW 0.5~7bar 42kg/H 170℃
RZ-ZQL-40K380 380V±20% 40KW 0.5~7bar 55kg/H 170℃
RZ-ZQL-50K380 380V±20% 50KW 0.5~7bar 70kg/H 170℃
RZ-ZQL-60K380 380V±20% 60KW 0.5~7bar 85kg/H 170℃

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